Comprehensive technical services from a single source

EKS’ technical services department is committed to improving uptime, performance and productivity of your flexographic printing equipment ("FPE"). Our service technicians boast a combined field experience of many years in FPE operations and service. This ensures that qualified people will always service your equipment. EKS’ quick response team is available 24/7 for on-site repair and maintenance services to mitigate the risk of costly downtime. Our comprehensive service offerings include:

Commissioning and Start-Up

Our highly skilled technical services team provides mechanical, electrical and process commissioning and start-up services for your FPE to ensure seamless and fast turnover of the FPE to our client.

Spare Parts and Consumables

We maintain a spare parts and consumables department, providing our clients with access to an ample supply of replacement components, inks, solvents, cleaners as well as sleeves and adapters to handle all your spare parts and consumables needs at any time and avoid costly downtime.

Maintenance and Inspection Services

We provide thorough maintenance and inspection services for our client’s FPE using state-of-the-art techniques to extend the equipment’s life cycle and to improve its efficiency, performance and availability.

Equipment Refurbishment and Reconditioning

We provide refurbishing and reconditioning services of FPE, which include disassembly, cleaning and thorough inspection of the equipment, to extend the equipment’s operating life cycle.

Equipment Upgrade

We offer mechanical, electrical and controls upgrade services for FPE to increase equipment performance, uptime as well as availability and to comply with the latest regulatory requirements.

Operator Training

We provide customized training of our client’s operators to increase equipment availability and performance, improve the technical expertise of our clients’ operators and achieve easier, safer and more efficient operation of the FPE.

EKS and Agergaard Graphic Supplies announce strategic partnership

EKS and Agergaard Graphic Supplies agree strategic partnership to enhance the supply of essential spare parts where and when you need them.

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EKS delivers flexographic printing system

Flexographic printing system for German manufacturer of nonwovens products.

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Contract for printing system for technical textiles

EKS has been awarded a contract by a German manufacturing company for the supply of a flexographic printing system.

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