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Flexible packaging offers particular advantages in terms of volume, weight and preservation. At the same time flexible packaging creates unique challenges for printing, which can be best addressed by the EKS FP200, which uses solvent-based inks; the subsequent drying occurs in specially designed dryers. During both printing and drying, gases will be released that may pose an explosion hazard. Therefore, each system is equipped with sensors for gas monitoring, ensuring a safe operating environment at all times.

Flexible print repeat ranges with printing widths from 300 to 2,500 mm provide you with sufficient flexibility to design your products. Printing speeds of up to 200 meters per minute allow the printing of large production volumes in short time intervals. Our user-friendly system for sleeve change guarantees fast setup and changeover times and high productivity. Ease of use is our most important criterion in designing the control system.

We ensure the integration of the EKS FP2000 into your production process – inline and offline – and train your staff to operate and maintain the flexographic printing system. Whatever you need - parts, consumables, technical service, etc., we are here for you.

Range of application:Printing and coating of foils such as extruded packaging foils, extruded multi-folded packaging sleeves
Printing width:300 mm to 2,500 mm
Working speed:up to 200 m/min.
Inking unit:Chambered doctor blade system with anilox roller
Versions:Single- or multi-color systems


Anilox Changeover

Print cylinder with a floating bearing and pneumatic cylinder for quick sleeve changeover

Chambered doctor blade assembly

Chambered doctor blade for accurate and optimized application of ink and consistent ink transfer even at high speeds


Utilization of the latest generation electronic control systems for user-friendly operation

Electrical Drive

Use of modern air-cooled electrical drive systems for precise and fast completion of the print job


High air flow and short drying times even at high speeds, with energy-efficient air circulation process, even for small and hard-to-reach floor spaces


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