Nonwovens products can be found in many familiar consumer as well as industrial products. Examples include the automotive industry (e.g. roof liners, interior lining, carpet), sanitary products (e.g. baby diapers, sanitary napkins, incontinence products), wiping and cleaning cloths, food packaging (e.g. baking parchment, tea bags), geotextiles (e.g. horticulture and weed protection).

We have designed, manufactured and delivered a large number of flexographic printing systems for a wide range of customer applications in the nonwovens industry. Based on the experience we have gained and through continuous improvement of our flexographic printing systems, we are in a position to offer customized products for a wide variety of nonwovens applications.

EKS and Agergaard Graphic Supplies announce strategic partnership

EKS and Agergaard Graphic Supplies agree strategic partnership to enhance the supply of essential spare parts where and when you need them.

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EKS delivers flexographic printing system

Flexographic printing system for German manufacturer of nonwovens products.

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Contract for printing system for technical textiles

EKS has been awarded a contract by a German manufacturing company for the supply of a flexographic printing system.

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